The so-called happy girl, who stayed away from home to help her family, hanged out with her male friend to spend a happy weekend.
They took a public transport to reach home, unfortunately the girl being surrendered under five filthy guys.
Although having a person with all benefits to save a woman, man power did not work there, as he was shaken off.
She was raped.
It was her life, but to them it was game and fun making a girl cry in pain.
She raised her voice, not bravely but to beg leaving her alone.
She feared her life after that.
Random thoughts hit her mind hoping to save herself.
Blood boiled in every nerve but her hands were held tight not letting her move.
Tears poured out of her eyes knowing the truth that the exclusive right of men was wrongly used on her.
The privilege of no men helped her which made her understand the conception that her life is built only on lies.
Unworthy of respect, every cloth were torn in fast motion.
She didn’t know where to stop and what to handle.
While one on her, the other four stood by staring at her naked body.
The words they uttered were cruel and ruthless.
Every footstep they took killed her inch by inch, minute by minute.
Vagina bled.
Her genitals were torn using an iron rod.
Finally, she was thrown on the road like a used tissue.
The protest to get justice for her was really immense, not less. But no immediate actions. And these continued and are still.

To those supposed-to-be men who ruin every life this way, you have the most impure old blood.

Each of the women thought Nirbhaya was the end. No, she was just the beginning.

© Yashica Priya

16 thoughts on “NIRBHAYA, 2012.

  1. 😢😢………i came across her story 2 months ago and believe me it hurt…i cannot pretend to be in her shoes though ……its as if being a woman nowadays is a crime….such actions make us look behind our backs every single day…its as if women have no place in society anymore and it’s sad…..

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  2. These are some cruel stories and disheartening to read about them. I have stopped reading news, these are truly depressing that government is so lenient on such crimes and it’s our responsibility to teach our youngest generations on how to respect each other. Let’s keep reminding about this, and make a good future! ✨✍️Well done Yashica, it’s a sensitive content! Have a wonderful Sunday ✨

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    1. That’s so true. Government and a few men like these are the liabilities here. It is better to stop watching news. It makes every day scary to live.
      Thanks very much for these words of appreciation, Simon. ✨

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  3. Sometimes, I am ashamed to say that I am an Indian….. Ashamed to be in a country where women are raped… Ashamed to be in a country where girls are killed at birth… Ashamed to be in an country where the so called juveniles are given bail… Amazing post….. Keep up the good work!!

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    1. Thank you so much ✨
      Also, please don’t feel ashamed of our country. It is happening everywhere now. Men should be ashamed to treat women this way. They make mistakes. Not us. But yeah, it feels disgusting to live among some monsters! Always be a proud citizen of our country; also, a proud woman. ❤️


      1. In other countries, rapists get better punishment!! They are taken out in public and people kill them by throwing stones at them!! But in India, rapists get punishment after 8 years…. And some don’t even get that!! Just 14 years jail, that’s all…

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