Pain That Changes You

To all the broken hearts!

Every soul goes through pain that cannot be explained.
The way of expressing is different, whereas few show it by anger, and few by tears.

If something kills you inside, it either means you are still longing for it or it literally tore you apart.
But believe; there is no such pain that can last longer. You sure have a remedy. It all depends on what and how you choose things to be later.

The pain that you are experiencing now will make you laugh after a decade. It does for sure. All that matter is how you move on from what pulled you down.
If you keep sticking to what hurts you, it gives you even more deep scars.

It’s okay to cry, but not always.
It’s okay to realize, but do not be sorry.
But it is never okay to hold on to anything longer which ditched you.
Always wish that nobody should ever go through such hard times like you, and by this, blessings come running on your way.

The truth is that you, the one who is weak, would be a cure to someone who is so far from you, who almost gave up on life and searching for a person like you.
You both will make a pleasant life ahead.

The most ugly part is we sometimes forget how awesome we have been to ourselves, because problem arises when we start thinking what others think about us. Stop doing that.

There is no beautiful person than anyone who actually believes how strong he/she is.
Choose your life. Take a career. Move on with what makes you smile beautifully.

Pain kills.
Pain is annoying.
Pain is beautiful.
Be an inspiration.

You are a miracle! 💚


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Your Valentine is not the one who kisses you on February 14 when nobody is watching, but the one who is willing to hold your wrinkled hands in front of everyone at your 70s.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the oldest couples who still haven’t gave up on each other.
They are the real champions of love. 💞

Choose to Decide

The right and the wrong decisions that you make have their effects somewhere in life.

Say, if you decide of having positive vibes, the plans are built by yourself.

Of all, decide what is important and what not is, because everything tend to happen in a beneficial way when you decide wisely.

Don’t let anything annoy you, be it people as well. In fact, people can never watch you grow.
Your inner peace is more important than anything in life.

Plan and execute every little thing, because experience is needed more to discover a great deal.

You have lots to do in this tiny thing called “LIFE”.

Carry out adventures, but observe how it made you feel.
Run a risk, but ensure what you learnt from it.
Fall in love, but feel how pure and beautiful it is.
Get hurt, but make sure the same thing doesn’t hurt you again.
Accept failures, but see to what it taught you.

Made wrong choices ever?
It’s okay.
Good for you.
Remember, you have suffered;
you have faced every battle;
you have made yourself strong.
And finally, you are now ready for everything.

Social Media Depression

There was a girl.
She looked beautiful.
Every soul admired her charm, her smile, and outfits.
She dresses up really well such that you find no complaint.
She grew.
She stepped out to another world, the social media.
She didn’t know what it was.
She is only observing other’s activities.
Looked like she was learning something.
Then it all started.
She started admiring herself.
She becomes more beauty concious.
Compared to her earliest version, now she is even concerned so much about choosing the lipcolor and the mascara.
She wants the boots to be expensive.
Be it the anklets or the bracelets, she becomes choosy.
Posting on social media became an habit, for her.
Goes to gym, she posts it.
Have a drink, she posts it.
Reads favourite book, she posts it.
Walks or jogs, she posts it.
*Likes likes likes*, brought a smile on her face.
She dresses up now, she posts it.
*Beautiful, hottie, so pretty*, added more joy.
Now, she is more selective about the filters/beauty apps more than her career or real life.
150 likes and reactions became 200+.
“This is wow. Many people like me. I need to improve more”, she thinks.
She alters her physique, tries more hair tutorials, clicks a picture, not satisfied, confused which one to upload, and still tries one.
Odd and good comments striked together.
Something wrong is what she perceives.
Number of likes is less, comparatively.
*No new notification*.
“What? Why?”, she’s clueless.
She finally loses interest in herself.

This is a very short message, which I mean to say that social medium is merely an addiction that becomes an obsession in days time.
Social media are the places where we pretend to showcase our life to others which is not really true.
Whatever we display to others is completely opposite to what we are facing actually.
We claim to exhibit that our life is awesome and we show it all through the captions we quote.
Clicking *Haha* or *Sad* matters the most to us today.
The needs or the disappointments our parents share goes unnoticed, but we login to Facebook to react sadness to the murder case that happened somewhere in the world.
Where are our lives leading us to?
This is a network where we live to satisfy others, to seek attention, to make ourselves the best for someone’s view, to care more about representing ourselves, to change our mind and lives according to other’s comfort.
Going the same way throughout, this adds in a lot of sympathy to our generation and more of scare to the future generations.
All together I could say that we just don’t care, either about us or about anyone.
But I’m sure this is a wrong move.
Better to reduce now than stop forever.
True right?

Childbirth (From a Mother)

A pale shadow of thoughts

from the moment I conceived.

With scissors and instruments beside me,

and masks hiding a few faces,

I didn’t care if it was normal or a C-section.

I only prayed for you to come out safe.

Much pain and many happiness combined,

you were taken out from my womb.

As I was laying in the labour ward with eyes closed,

in the unconscious state,

all that I heard was the mild tone of your cry.

“Oh, that’s mine, that’s mine. That belongs to me”, my heart whispered.

The white-waxed substance covered your body,

which was your first blanket.

You had soft black hair,

little feet and tiny toes,

and two hands folded holding nothing.

You were handed to your dad.

His hands shook, with happy tears.

That well-built man didn’t know to carry you,

in spite of really wanting to.

You sustained life for a year,

with those minimum quantities of milk.

Those breastfeeding sessions, between you and me,

we had secret stories.

In the whole little world, for mom and dad,

you became our responsibility,

the real purpose of our life event. ❤️

Heart and Soul

She sat in the corner of the room,

asking where her happiness died.

The hunger of joy giving less hopes to life.

She cried to herself, all day long.

Nobody lent their ears,

adding injury to her fears.

Left alone and all alone,

she was paid a penny to her thoughts, at the drop of a hat.

Beating around the bush, changing pain into pleasure,

she felt honoured to be his last wish.

She stopped weeping over the split milk,

as her Prince charm costed an arm and a leg in a time of blink. 💋

Shadow of Love

You be my soul.

My eyes, the window, that opened wide,
looking at the real genre of love.

Bliss I felt, as my lips curled and eyes fainted gently in blush,
deliberating that you’re shaped for me.

You being the vigorous armour a man can be built of, to protect his woman.

Having me worried as the days pass by,
your absence added thirst to my life.

While I was craving for you,
the indulgence of pain and freezing emotions stood still.

The resonance of thunder stroke my ears,
morning shades waking my psyche,
glow of sun kissed my face,
by ripping apart the insecurities, I admired the raw pleasure.

As my conscience screamed loud,
I woke up to the delight that you are anyway mine❤

Goals with my Partner❣️

Yaaay. So that will be the first day with him!

I’m so excited.

Will wake him up with a cup of coffee? Oh, maybe.

I might start the day with quality smiles and much love shared together.

Wow. I’m totally enjoying my life with him.

Oh my god! He is completely great for me.

Perfectly matched.

We go for a trip to the hills and click crazy pictures.

So many selfies. So many varieties of foods. Very new outfits. With him😍 I feel great.

We make the most annoying jokes and still laugh.

Rubbish conversations teasing each other and it is totally worth with him. (People, no focused gaze on us, please.)

He teaches me driving in the mid of the highways. He literally laughs, as I make the wrong clutches. And I laugh along with him LOL. We again laugh about this after an hour or so, too.

He sarcastically smiles at my brainless acts.

Crazy soul, he has so much patience to handle my insanity.

Life is good.

Little little quarrels. Small conflicts.

We didn’t talk for two hours.

Aah, no more. “I’m sorry”. Well, it’s done now.

I feel loved.

Now, a huge concentration on family life.

His routines and workloads.

No great bond? Not really, but no time to explore.

Perhaps, now I don’t wake him with a cup of coffee.

We didn’t talk for two days.

I yell.

Not minding each other.

I shout.

We didn’t talk for a week. Crap.

He stopped giving a damn.

Oh shit, I fight now.

Still he doesn’t.

He has time to laugh at memes.

Bloody, he deserves hell.

Anger at peak, he is going to be shot dead by me.

I have my ego now.

I feel all alone.

No soul or no companion.

I wouldn’t like if he is close with some other woman. Cloud nine! I’m possessive.

What is mine meant only to be mine😍

Fights or anger isn’t a part of a great bonding too? It is. The could absolutely be the best relationship. Priorities now change because it has to, for the greatest life ahead.

Sharing him? NO WAY😍

I should be his only CONSTANT! 🎀

The Art of Rain !

While the sky disappeared, the clouds assembled, as beautiful as a mannequin dressed up to deliver the best.

The sudden splatter of silver drops on earth was drawn into the land in a wink of time.

Water spouted forth in fast motion, summing up the rhythm to my ecstasy.

The music of deep shower added emotions, reminding of golden childhood days.

Voyage of paper boats on the rushing water without getting sunk half way was the hardest prayer asked for.

Droplets of shiny water one following the other on the windowpane meant to be the only competition.

Sound of thunders seemed to the only fear that easily took me to mother’s lap.

The wait for the next turn of rain again was the only expectation.

Shades of rainbow were the happy colours and joyful moment.

As I grew up, I lay on the couch, not wanting to get up, looking at the ceiling.

The desire and intense need to have a hot cappuccino stayed on my list.

I lifted up to prepare my own tea. The mug was smoking out the hotness, as I was moving the curtain aside and sitting close to the window.

All together just gave me a satisfaction that I’m still alive to admire the godly things on my mother planet ! ❤

Men and Women Speak a Different Language of Love

On every side I turn to these days, all that I could hear is about misunderstandings, break-up scenes, uninterested marriage life, boredom or the fed-up segments, failures, or bad lucks.
Realize that the major issue in any relationship happens because of high expectation. This might be an old story but still, nobody can call it as mistake as it usually happens everywhere. These kind of problems take place when you believe 70% from someone and all that they give is 25%, and it is vice versa too. You might not know, but you’re discharging the same blunder. So at such times, you’re just concentrating on what they did not do instead of analyzing wherever even you failed to surprise them. You’d think that you’re perfect and doing your best to the other. No, this ain’t true. You simple ask for this and that, and at such instances if you don’t get enough, even you stop contributing from your side which is completely sick. This can make things worse rather than solving it.

Problems are common. Expecting an easy life is absolutely crazy. It means you’re so unstable and unbalanced in life. It shows the world you’re weak enough to be defeated. Problems always approach you without hesitation. They get advanced in every possible way depending upon the way you give space to it. Solve it carefully. At a point, you would feel fed up with all that. Frustration occurs. But never have a war between anger and problem, because it will be you who is quashed at the end, not the trouble.

Violence against Women | Let her Live

The so-called happy girl, who stayed away from home to help her family, hanged out with her male friend to spend a happy weekend.
They took a public transport to reach home, unfortunately the girl being surrendered under five filthy guys.

Although having a person with all benefits to save a woman, man power did not work there, as he was shaken off.

She was raped.

It was her life, but to them it was game and fun making a girl cry in pain.

She raised her voice, not bravely but to beg leaving her alone.

She feared her life after that.

Random thoughts hit her mind hoping to save herself.

Blood boiled in every nerve but her hands were held tight not letting her move.

Tears poured out of her eyes knowing the truth that the exclusive right of men was wrongly used on her.

The privilege of no men helped her which made her understand the conception that her life is built only on lies.

Unworthy of respect, every cloth were torn in fast motion.

She didn’t know where to stop and what to handle.

While one on her, the other four stood by staring at her naked body.

The words they uttered were cruel and ruthless.

Every footstep they took killed her inch by inch, minute by minute.

Vagina bled.

Her genitals were torn using an iron road. Finally, she was thrown on the road like a used tissue.

The protest to get justice for her was really immense, not less. But no immediate actions. And these continued and are still.

News channels and newspapers can only proceed with another rape and cases being closed without any further actions.

To those supposed-to-be men who ruin every life this way, you have the most impure old blood. Try having your tails in limit.
Enough trying men understand. Instead, ladies you be protective. Your life is too important.

Each of the women thought Nirbhaya was the end. No, she was just the beginning.

A Kind Request!

Please don’t rush if you miss your transport. It’s okay to wait and go. Life is important. Your family is waiting for you more than the people at workplace or anywhere. Many wish to see you happy and alive longer. 🙂

Time to think

With deep thoughts and regrets, let me convey a few things.
How mature are we?

Taking the case of a friendship, may be it is all about understanding each other’s differences, as usually said. Yes it is. But, someone who always supports and pampers you is definitely not a good friend but the one who talks to you about your mistakes and moulds you is. “He/she had been in my worst times. They are the reason why I’m here today. They are the best thing in my life”. I know there are few good friends in everyone’s life. But making them a priority at every place is never healthy. Meanwhile, if you get married or be in a relationship at a point in life, there comes the disturbance or misunderstanding between the partners. You don’t have to give up on friends but balancing is way too important. If there is no tendency to manage both of them equally, it is better not to engage into a relationship or marriage life. I’m not talking friendship is bad but priorities do matter a lot. Your life partner should always be the on the first place, no matter how bad your fights are going on. But why are there so much fights? The first reason is lack of communication. The next thing is the lack of concern (as I said, being happy with someone by making other one cry is a worthless life). I have seen a few people with attitude “Why would I change? You have no rights to control me. Who the hell are you to do so?”. There is nothing wrong being like this in life, UNTILL you get a partner. Respect him/her now and be respected later. Because if you have no intentions of changing or sacrificing (permanently), don’t give any false promise relationship to anybody (sacrificing means leaving something permanently). May be you are strong enough to lead your own life, but the other person was completely dependent on you much longer and leaving them like a trash and not minding at all sets you to be an example of a perfect lesson. “Any true relationship is about accepting the way they are. You see your own self there. And that is how it goes”. Who said? It is about reforming the person into something better. But few don’t wish to become better. If your partner says that something hurts them, stop it. That is where you respect them. Doing things behind or when they are not with you, or trying to get a relief for temporary sake in their absence, is called cheating your own life with someone later in future. I’m very sorry to say that there are many dumb people calling themselves as “friends”. How sarcastically they say, “You senseless. He/She is my friend”. Don’t think that you have so much brains. If they had really been a good friend, it would had been their duty to make their friends understand where they go wrong. Jumping around calling that as 10years friendship is literally funny. Hanging out and selfies won’t make a good friendship. When you cannot reshape your friend to a better person, better live alone rather than spoiling them. If someone comes behind you for anything and nothing, it is worthless to get annoyed unnecessarily. If you take it as annoyance, it is. If you take it as love, it is. Deciding this will show who you are. Decide what you are. Being mature is a matter of choice. Everything comes with experience. So let it. Now or later or never. Depends on you.

If this had hurt someone’s feelings, sorry.
If it really made sense, many thanks!

Beauty of Men

On an estimation of woman’s achievements, a theme about men should also be contemplated equally.
So, how back-breaking is it to breathe as a man? 
It is not just a woman who takes care of the hardships at home, but a man who is being an initiative for all the resources.

If a woman is meant to build her home, a man is building his family. He is running to pay the bills and expenses. He behaves as an armour to protect his people.

His unceasing efforts are neither seen nor exhibited.
He struggles at workplace. He strives hard for family’s welfare.

He runs the entire family; at the same time, he is being complained about the quality of rice. He enjoys the struggles to please us.
He helps accomplish his son’s future, inspite of heavy burdens inside.
He is too concerned about his daughter’s well-being, just because the world is morally corrupted.

He carries a series of sensations to give a good life to his wife after 60s.

Still, he is judged on things that he couldn’t do. 
Don’t hurt him. Be sure that you appreciate him for the million little things he does.

Always compliment them, be it a father, a brother, or a husband.

They care so much but they don’t understand the meaning of expressing it.

He leaves home everyday with a word “Take Care”.

He waves hand while leaving, but turns back once again if you locked home and got back inside.

He earns less, but brings home lots.

He says NO first, but later agrees with whatever you say.

He seems rude, but loves you secretly.

He restricts, but for the sake of goodness in future.

He never appreciates, but is always glad about your good work.

They don’t have a replacement. Salute; men are special!

​Eiffel Tower, she the beauty❤

The highway in the close of day sounded much.
The euphoria of beaming physiognomy added pleasure in bunch.

Taking a walk to the Eiffel Tower,

she checked out to be stunning.

Among the darkest side of the world,

she stood high above all, covering the views in glaze.

With ravishing dazzle and brilliant lustre,

she was grabbing the emotions of million hearts.

As a woodland catching flames of fires,

she dressed up in yellow and multiple lights at the nightfall.

Posing the same way her entire life,

nobody had the lack of concern looking at it.

The firecrackers blasting above her,

she stands like a King without fear.

She is definitely not an abstract,

but absolutely the real smasher.

Where am I?

“Where is it going to and what am I leading to?”, confused me.

With burden in heart and tears in eyes,

I realized I’m building myself.

“What could be the reason behind?”, battled my brain,

Knowing my thoughts are in sprain.

Confessing the tragedies once again,

I knew nothing helps.

With swords of words striking my conscience,

I hide my face in shame.

Seeking for a shoulder upon the couch,

I later laid down on the pillow, consoling myself that everything will be okay.


Problems arise because we always focused more on flaws than good deeds.
Stating, I always heard people saying “Karma is a boomerang”. But I never heard anyone say “Kindness or Love is a boomerang” ♻

Positive Vibes Only🌼

Cooking is bliss! 💜

Oh god!! That is Chicken in schezwan sauce. As I always love to try my new dishes, I tried this variety for the first time, and I’m much excited about the result. The taste was too yummy, especially the chicken wings were juicy and crispy. The sauce was an instant homemade preparation, which turned out really well as expected. The chicken was fried separately first and was then blended with the sauce. That was all together a perfect treat to the taste buds for all chicken lovers! 😁

Officially a PG Graduate!

I feel completely blessed and cheerful, as I received my Postgraduate degree today.

Well, it was the same old memorable campus. A reunion of old friends and classmates after a year and half. Everyone turned up in colourful dresses. The warm hug from each one of them took me to our olden days where the places were filled with laughter and smiles all around. The bad days and poor grades mades us all cackle today! Few of my females were married, whereas a few were carrying. It was so adorable seeing them with a totally different family. Regretted for the times fighting for the most silly reasons. But today, standing together felt to be the most proudest moment, holding our degree certificates with the yellow robes, and parents applauding for us. I’m wondering how life changed soon, and everything became complicated.

I wish I could become a student again 🙂 There is nothing precious than being a scholar!

#HappyDay & HappyMoments! 28/07/2k17 🙂

I’m hoping for the best

Pain is beautiful.

The more you go through it, the more it will reshape you.

Every second of pain kills.

You lose yourself.

You turn brainless.

The most beautiful thing pain can gift you in return is the strength.

It makes you cry now, but gives you the most loyal smiles later. Trust me!

“A diamond was once a charcoal that handled pain extremely well”.

Okay, listen !

If something is bugging you now, stop thinking too much. Dont complaint. Be firm. Accept whatever comes. Accept whatever leaves. If u want, go for it. If not, leave it there but dont regret later. Dont be clingy. Wipe away the tears. There is a good reason behind every pain. You don’t need anything easy. Easy life is boring. Tough life is challenging. Lose the fear to step out and face the strom. Go out and make it happen. Every struggle has an end, a very blissful end. Why to worry? Relax. It’s okay. If you cannot change something, let it be. Don’t stress. Stop rushing. In today’s life, there is nothing worth regretting for. Yes, actually nothing. Stay away from all the you “want”. Focus on what exactly you “need”. First of all, empathize the difference between the both. Do what you want, but dont do whatever you want. There are certain limitations and balances to make life perfect. Don’t blame fate. If you dont HAVE it now, work hard to OWN it. Life is not always about enjoying. Sometimes it has to be taken seriously. Cut short all the fun till you stand somewhere meaningful.

Good luck! ^.^

Second to none

A drop of water in the ocean doesn’t make any identity. But, a drop on the rose petal is admired and photographed. Life is not always about where you are right now. It is about where your dreams belong to. Prevail where your existence is unique.

Token of pure love

It is incredible how life of a girl alters!

From baby lotion to branded creams.
From bob-cut to long hair.

From barbie dolls to mobile phone.

From vaseline to stylish lip colors.

From favorite dresses to comfortable outfits.

From diapers to tampons.

From other’s advices to her own choices.

From mom’s purse to her wallet.

From dad’s girl to another man’s wife.

From slightest scratches to labour pain.

From a beautiful belly to stretch marks.

From a little daughter to a great mother.

Once, she was the only one that everyone took care of. Later, she is the only one who is taking care of everyone. She deserves more of respect and love.
Every woman is a King!

Break down your comfort zone

Even though you have many directions to divert your mind to make yourself feel comfortable, the idea of comfort zone is the first factor to ruin your creative knowledge. The level of thinking stops when you get engaged where you feel well comforted. I agree that it is a satisfying place to be, and you tend to be relaxed in a much more good way. Say for instance, in a toughest situation one particular song or an activity gives you really good peace. So you get comforted there, and very slowly you get habituated to it. Now, you have chosen your own option of comfort, which is really hard to come out of. Taking into account your job/workplace, few circumstances wouldn’t be okay to sit and work. You might feel annoyed with people or surroundings. But still if you accept all that and manage to proceed with the inconvenience, it doesn’t mean that you’re flexible enough to adapt to the circumstances. It means you’re getting used to a place that is not meant for you. It is just like accepting the annoyance. In such cases, you must deal to search for something better instead of accommodating into the boring environment. Because “getting used” to a bad atmosphere is dangerous since it transforms you into a person you’re not.

How to change this psychological state?

  • Do things which you’ve never done before, in a dissimilar way.
  • Keep track on your everyday activities.
  • Change your view on what you think as reality. (Sometimes what you believe as real is just an illusion).
  • Make time for yourself and decide what even more you are capable of exploring.
  • Observe what you gained from new projects, especially the negatives, because it helps to make you perform better.
  • Execute everything in a slow manner.
  • Have adequate purposes and trust your work.
  • Don’t overreact to anything, particularly to failures. Instead, identify your fears and interact with yourself.
  • Keep stretching your boundaries, as aims have no end.

After carrying out these actions, you’ll be surprised to see that you have enormous mental ability, and would realize that you attempted something you never knew you could. Understand the difference that these are not another way of comfort zone but are one of your habits or activities.

Loved and Lost

Considerably, she was a usual girl. She was hit many times in life. The most unexpected happenings took place in her life. She wished to be alone forever, because she was done with the lies and fake promises around. She was good enough to help others, and at times, had been a solution.

On a random day, a guy came all along her life, gave her the best assurance to be with her at every single time, which made her think why didn’t this happen with anyone else—the obvious first lie to herself. Because she knows how hard it is to be broken, she took exceedingly good care of him and kept filling him with questions, as by making sure everytime if things are better, had meals on time, had a peaceful sleep, and so on. He enjoyed her company, where fell more in love with her. There was never the time he left her. He would ping her at least once a day telling how much he missed her. She had butterflies whenever she heard such words. He took her on cloud nine. Days passed by, as his personal life started affecting him more that he lost concentration and love on her. This hit her deep. She was confused. She didn’t leave him half way. Rather, she would call him or text him, consoling him with words and love. She did the same everyday without any sort of hesitation. She was way too concerned about him that made her forget about herself. She got engaged into him in a profound manner, that she was finally gifted with ignorance.

Day by day, she felt a lack of interest from him. She kept going behind just because she did not want to lose him. Every texts and phone calls of hers went unanswered most of the time. She was crying; he couldn’t see. She was broken; he didn’t care. She was ripping apart; he went blind.
With all the emotions being tied together, she got this to his notice, saying how much she is suffering and how soon things changed. She chewed up most the words, because she feared if her feelings would annoy him. She cannot take more from him. Every nerve and cell on her body loved him with no complaints. She accepted her moronic behaviour and insanity from him without charges or regrets. She did not walk away, but he pushed her with her actions. She kept waiting with the hope that he will return again, and be the blood of her life. She is now just a contact on his life, and knowing this fact, she decided to give up because holding on crashed her literally.

She is not going to be with you again. She won’t disturb you. She won’t annoy you. You will miss her hands when you are down to nothing. You will search for her everywhere, not today or tomorrow but definitely in a short time. You will get so many people who can make you forget her, but at one thing she can never be replaced—the way she cared and the way she tolerated. She lost someone who should had been there at the first place; he lost the girl who was always tried to keep him at his best.

Wait. Wait.

Whatever is worrying you at this moment has a way out, which takes only a minute to change your journey into a beautiful one. Wait for it; don’t stop praying. Repent if you sense a flavour of guilt. Don’t frown. Being sorry won’t let you down, but only raises your standard. Glorify what you have at this moment. Wonders happen only when you believe and give time!

The difference you make

The tiny captures of your heart are those that nobody notice. Your observations are unique, and that is what makes you awesome. You admire the happenings in a beautiful way, which leads you to be the realistic artist one can be.

​The power of mind | Positive thinking

It is your ability to change your mind from the negative flaws to a positive betterment. In general, every individual would have faced at least one regretful incident that hadn’t had a cure at all. I also cognize that few things in life cannot be forgotten. The trace of pain remains the same. It always reminds something about the injury. But I also believe that it is only the capability of your mindset that will change you forever in a more preferable way how you wanted to be. I’m not sure how many have come across the theory about “Psychokinesis”. It is a mental activity of mind power which can make an object move with the help of thoughts. But, there are certain constrains. It cannot happen just like that. First, you got to train your mind for it, to be powerful and concentrating. It needs huge amount of patience, belief, and practice. Although most of the researches have not proved this yet, there are few beliefs that have testified it. I suppose that our capacity to heed something starts from us. I read this book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, which talks about the real-life miracles people experienced. Apart from that, from an article I went through, one true narration that hit my mind deep was about a man whose spinal cord was completely injured in an accident, and doctors gave no hope to get back his old days. Yet, he believed, in himself. He did not mind about what the world said about his ill condition. Instead, he trusted himself the most, saying he will be all set to rock the next year, the same day. He tried a lot, put so much effort as he can, made the impossible happen. He believed nobody but his own thoughts. He trained his mind to bring himself back. As his perspectives came true, he got back to his normal position which placed everyone in shock. That is what I try to say. Coach your mind to make you become the best. Let you have control over your head. You will definitely have many barriers or negativities striking your mind at your first lead off. We will even be surrounded with questions “how? Why this? Impossible”. Ignore all what-if questions because how you take it further will define your output. It is all about you, only you.
One strong faith can gift you miracles.

How is education today? But how exactly should it be?

The policy of educating is completely on an inappropriate realization. Taking the case of today’s educational system, education should be meant of training a child about the basic etiquettes, morals, and good lesson. Studying about Sachin Tendulkar or MS Dhoni might be an inspiration, but how to implement new ideas to become one like them is education. For how many centuries should schools or colleges teach about the theories that Einstein or Edison left behind? Know for the fact that they studied from nobody or no theory. Their discoveries came from their own knowledge. How long should a child study about the x-axis and y-axis in mathematics or how light refracted differently on a prism in physics? Are the institutions really educating them? If education is an art, one should add colours to it to make it look pleasant. What exactly do you think a student is observing in the chemistry lab? The theory how it works? No. They admire how blue changes into pink, and this happens when he/she is not interested to know what is actually needed. Adding unwanted or uninterested know-hows can gain nothing at the end. Perhaps that is the reason why a biology student works in an IT firm and IT students maintain their own business. Sex education was made compulsory in few institutions but why a woman shouln’t be touched wasn’t taught anywhere. The concept of intellectual academics failed right there. Education today is all about adding the graduation degree on the wedding card. Only a very few use it in a right manner. One out of hundred says, “I do this for the sake of my parents and their wish”. For what? Then when to live for themselves? Mental pressure takes place because of not wanting to do what they don’t like and a huge depression of not being able to do what they wanted. This is why the progress is sustained. The basic foundational hinderance it is. The major problem is, temporary marks are valued the most than the permanent dreams. Parents cannot appreciate that 80% grade and worry only about that 20% they missed. If this mindset hadn’t been at place, many lives would’ve been saved. 

If you’re reading this, remember you are mature enough to understand your children now or in the future that quality and progress in their favourite field will fetch zen percent success more than studying about history and geography. Definitely basic knowledge about everything is needed, say manners, principles, percepts, but don’t crush them with it. Don’t squeeze their brains so much into something. Let them experience and learn from it. If that happens so, new breakthroughs are really possible.

“Be like whom you want to become”. Help them bring out their hidden talent. One should be their own inspiration. Let them one day say, “I got inspired by myself”.