Say Sorry!

Saying sorry is as important as saying I love you. It saves a relationship before it could fall apart. Don’t mind being sorry, irrespective of whose fault it is. It helps. It raises your standard. It reflects your kind heart. ♥️

© Yashica Priya

13 thoughts on “Say Sorry!

    1. This is the ego most of us possess. That’s what my post talks about. If we really value that relationship, let go of thoughts where who is right or who is wrong. But also, this applies only for people who are really meant to be with us, and who really matter to us. You don’t need to be sorry with whoever you meet in life.


      1. Sometimes we have to say a lot of things to prove that i am right (actually you are right) but next person doesn’t understand it and then it hurts.
        But anyway what you have said i am gonna do it for sure that will make relationship long Lasting could be any friends, family or gf

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