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Stop Satisfying Everyone

Instead of giving people the priority more than they deserve, when you understand where to keep them in your life, you attain peace, self-respect, and fulfilment.
By this, don’t be afraid of whom you’ll lose. It’s absolutely fine to stop satisfying the undeserving.

© Yashica Priya

Social Media Depression

There was a girl.
She looked beautiful.
Every soul admired her charm, her smile, and outfits.
She dresses up really well such that you find no complaint.
She grew.
She stepped out to another world, the social media.
She didn’t know what it was.
She is only observing other’s activities.
Looked like she was learning something.
Then it all started.
She started admiring herself.
She becomes more beauty concious.
Compared to her earliest version, now she is even concerned so much about choosing the lipcolor and the mascara.
She wants the boots to be expensive.
Be it the anklets or the bracelets, she becomes choosy.
Posting on social media became an habit, for her.
Goes to gym, she posts it.
Have a drink, she posts it.
Reads favourite book, she posts it.
Walks or jogs, she posts it.
*Likes likes likes*, brought a smile on her face.
She dresses up now, she posts it.
*Beautiful, hottie, so pretty*, added more joy.
Now, she is more selective about the filters/beauty apps more than her career or real life.
150 likes and reactions became 200+.
“This is wow. Many people like me. I need to improve more”, she thinks.
She alters her physique, tries more hair tutorials, clicks a picture, not satisfied, confused which one to upload, and still tries one.
Odd and good comments striked together.
Something wrong is what she perceives.
Number of likes is less, comparatively.
*No new notification*.
“What? Why?”, she’s clueless.
She finally loses interest in herself.

This is a very short message, which I mean to say that social medium is merely an addiction that becomes an obsession in days time.
Social media are the places where we pretend to showcase our life to others which is not really true.
Whatever we display to others is completely opposite to what we are facing actually.
We claim to exhibit that our life is awesome and we show it all through the captions we quote.
Clicking *Haha* or *Sad* matters the most to us today.
The needs or the disappointments our parents share goes unnoticed, but we login to Facebook to react sadness to the murder case that happened somewhere in the world.
Where are our lives leading us to?
This is a network where we live to satisfy others, to seek attention, to make ourselves the best for someone’s view, to care more about representing ourselves, to change our mind and lives according to other’s comfort.
Going the same way throughout, this adds in a lot of sympathy to our generation and more of scare to the future generations.
All together I could say that we just don’t care, either about us or about anyone.
But I’m sure this is a wrong move.
Better to reduce now than stop forever.
True right?

© Yashica Priya