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Happy Mother’s Day 😊

Happy mother’s day to all the fabulous Moms in the universe who is making their families a heavenly surrounding and their house a happy paradise. Each of the woman I met so far is pretty stronger in their own way of beauty. Apart from all physical pain and hormonal changes, they emerge and never stop blooming! They’re nothing lesser but extraordinary and more. Special wishes to a dad, a friend, a husband, a brother, a sister, or whosoever it may concern, who act as a replacement of being a mother to someone in some way at some time by giving complete care and warmth regardless of any factor. Love, Peace, and Prayers to each such soul. ❤❤
Nobody here deserves an old age home. :’)

Much Love,

© Yashica Priya 🌸



(World’s Breastfeeding Week; August 1 to August 7)

Cute little soul,
wrapped inside my arms.
The soft fragile head with fluffy baby hairs,
tiny fingers and toes,
and silent breathe with a raw fragrance on body,
giving me sweet gestures on my lap.
I understand that empty tummy whenever I’m given special glance from my baby.
I eat food to secrete enough milk on my breasts for my baby.
Every drop of milk that I give is filled with enormous love.
I wake up at least thrice in the middle of the night to breastfeed.
I don’t sleep properly but I don’t care,
because all that matters to me is my baby’s health.
I crave for rest but try to push out those thoughts from head.
My nipples become sore,
and ache everytime my baby sucks in milk.
They’re not just milk but a strong magic.
It makes my baby’s skin glow by nourishing.
I wear comfortable clothes accordingly
so that I should be ready to unbutton them anytime when my baby is hungry.
A strong bond is built between both of us,
as we share happy stories at those intervals.
A year so close with my child, and
the warmth and love shared would last for lifetime. ❤️❤️❤️

© Yashica Priya

Emotional Blockage of a Single Mother

(Suggested by a friend)

Here’s to a single mother, who is emotionally depressed and mentally getting stronger.
Oh, she is beautiful and simple.
Pretty by face and more beautiful by heart.
Life shouldn’t had done this,
so cruelly.
The hands that’s been holding her wasn’t there anymore.
A sudden struggle with the flow of regular lifestyle.
She’s now the one who wipes the tears of her children when she herself is crying to sleep peacefully.
She wakes up in the middle of night to check if everyone is fine.
She accidentally dials to her husband, and then realises he’s no more.
She doesn’t eat healthy, yet prefers to make the best meal.
She’s killed alive with the sympathetic gaze from others.
Left all alone, to raise her daughter.
She blames herself for no reason.
Something often reminds her of her husband, and she simply wipes away her silent tears before anyone could see.
A sense of a strong soul is always around her.
The passionate presence of their past togetherness.
She loved dressing up in her man’s favourite colour saree, but now she’s hiding them all inside the wardrobe.
“She leads a normal life now”, everyone says.
No I don’t; I really don’t“, she whispers to her heart.
She takes care of an entire family without a support system.
She developed all the superpowers to build a happy paradise.
Is it their daughter’s fault to had missed her Hero?
Maybe it’s time for her to be the woman of the beloved family which her dad always wanted her to be, because she deserves nothing less, now or anytime later.

A feeling of compassion?
No; not at all.
I’m so proud of them.
Both of them are just Angels without wings.
So much love, dedication, simplicity, and hardwork. It surely would pay them miracles and blessings in future. ❤
Few people leave us soon because the world doesn’t deserve good people here. 🙂

© Yashica Priya

A Letter to my Daughter and Son in Future.

Dear daughter-to-be,
Baby. I’m writing this to let you know about the world I’m living in right now. Before you come here to the land of evils, ask God to give you all the holy powers to survive among the wicked. I’m sure to carry you with so much care and love for 9 months. The day you enter this here, it is going to be a little bitter to face the world. I being your mother, don’t expect me to pamper you all the time. Have your own set of advices and morals to yourself when I’m not around. Don’t expose your weakness in front of people. Always remember you are a strongly raised woman. Be polite every time, but that doesn’t mean you should always say an ‘YES’. Say ‘NO’ when you really want to. Let others know what your beliefs are. Be social but with limits, because not everyone will be good and the same with you throughout. Limit your distance with unworthy conversations because it will bring you down with non-standard conclusions. Raise your voice at the lower behaviours shot against you. Never panic. When people want you to dress like this and that, go ahead with what you feel is the best. If you feel being defeated, it is okay. Stand up again and be wise. Help others; those blessings will reach you tenfold back. Don’t look up to the beauty parlours to make you LOOK good. Once you FEEL good about the best things you already possess, you automatically become the most prettiest. Don’t spend your life dieting. Have cheese and then exercise. It’s okay. When someone judge you, it is none of your business to turn back and correct them. Walk away and don’t give a damn. You have so much to do in life. Don’t appreciate the unnecessary touch from your male friends. I don’t want to see you crying on the pillows when you did no wrong. Think twice before you shed down your tears, because tears are precious and never let it reach the ground for no use. Practice the habit of letting go of people who puts you under their knee. It is never okay to put your heads down before unhealthy relationships whatsoever. Your self-respect should forever be the point-number-one. You will have the right man in future. Until then, wait. Don’t fall for words. Don’t believe the mesmerizing words attempted at you. The world is occupied with more of illusions than that of reality. Always prefer a goodbye over a wrong cup of coffee. ❤️

Dear Son-to-be,
I write the shortest message to you.
Just because you’re a boy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cry at all. If something makes you cry, never hold on. Let the tears flow out. It makes you decide better then. Choose your circle carefully because it will define you. No matter what a woman does to you, never hurt her physically or mentally. You have no rights to touch her beyond words. Be that kind of a man who would open car door for the ladies in his life. Be that man with whom a woman would feel secure with. Don’t believe the society when it says, ‘Kitchen isn’t a place for men!’. Washing the vessels won’t degrade your standards. Be flexible to situations as you get to handle so many people and financial statuses in every stage of life. Once you’re committed in a relationship, never leave her hands until she wants to let you go. If a woman is not okay with you, leave the place. She doesn’t belong to you and vice versa. Accept and walk away. Instead, never abuse her because a man raised rightly would never do that. Money is required but don’t make it a priority. Have your personal space with the darling of your life after wedding. Build your family as if it means the world to you. Always keep your wife first before anyone; not even me. She is the only soul for you till the end of life chapter. Raising you well was my duty. Keeping her happy is your responsibility. You are for her because she came to this world just for you. Always remember a woman’s heart is so fragile and be sure to safeguard it at any situation. Be attentive, and respect. She deserves more of it. Never be the reason behind her pain. Don’t get too stressed too easily. Stress is nothing but what you build. Celebrate life. Forget about the bills. Cherish your career. Love it simply. Life will be awesome. ❤️

With so much love,
Your mom-to-be. 🤗”

© Yashica Priya

Childbirth (From a Mother)

A pale shadow of thoughts

from the moment I conceived.

With scissors and instruments beside me,

and masks hiding a few faces,

I didn’t care if it was normal or a C-section.

I only prayed for you to come out safe.

Much pain and many happiness combined,

you were taken out from my womb.

As I was laying in the labour ward with eyes closed,

in the unconscious state,

all that I heard was the mild tone of your cry.

“Oh, that’s mine, that’s mine. That belongs to me”, my heart whispered.

The white-waxed substance covered your body,

which was your first blanket.

You had soft black hair,

little feet and tiny toes,

and two hands folded holding nothing.

You were handed to your dad.

His hands shook, with happy tears.

That well-built man didn’t know to carry you,

in spite of really wanting to.

You sustained life for a year,

with those minimum quantities of milk.

Those breastfeeding sessions, between you and me,

we had secret stories.

In the whole little world, for mom and dad,

you became our responsibility,

the real purpose of our life event. ❤️

© Yashica Priya