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Love is Bliss

“Love is painful.”

“No. Love isn’t. The person you chose is. Love means joy, a contentment, a reflection that transforms you into better. True love doesn’t push you out of your originality. You don’t have to wear a mask to make someone stay.”

© Yashica Priya


Breaking Someone’s Trust is a Sin!

Nothing hurts more than being betrayed by the person we love the most. This is so ironically true, and it’s been happening in a lot of cases recently. Betrayal doesn’t always mean of committing adultery after marriage or having another affair during a relationship; being disloyal, false-hearted, inconstant, and breaking someone’s trust are also few amongst. Matter-of-factly, it is too rare to find someone who’s completely willing to dedicate themselves to you. If you find one, keep them. You might get attracted to them, obviously. But before you express your feelings for them, make sure if you are stable enough to handle it till the end. A true relationship is a not a one person’s journey. It must have two strong hearts to fight for each other. If you cannot make it successful, don’t even let the person know that you’re interested in them. Don’t leave them wandering alone in the end with the reason of your family, caste, or finding someone better. Remember the assurance that you gave them initially. Only with that hope you gave the other person would have proceeded. Whatever you give thoughts to while breaking up, I wish you have it at first place before giving the pledge of undertaking that serious commitment. Moving on might be easy from one side, but it won’t be the same for the other person. They would have felt you from heart, physically and emotionally. What could be the even more ugliest sin than breaking someone’s trust and just heading away with your own life? Relationship must be a forever agreement; it’s not a let’s-just-try competition to simply be in it and leave when you know it’s hard to win. Think again and again and again if you really want to be in that relationship and then get into it. Think if you have the capability to fight with your family.
A commitment is not as easy as we think it is. It’s a worthwhile feeling with that one person. Be wise while you choose. If not, stay away. The foundation of the trust you built at first shouldn’t vanish halfway. When you leave your so-called relationship apart, you are causing a great misery to the person who trusted you since the day you wanted them.
Days move ahead, but the soul you cheated on would experience a lifetime injury. They cannot love someone else the way they loved you. After being wounded by the wrong person for the right way of loving, even true love would sound suspicious to them later. The bruises remain. They start missing themselves at one point. Be clear-sighted in cases like these. There are high chances it would make you a better human. Loving someone somewhere by making someone cry isn’t where your life gains a meaning. Understand and act real.

To someone who has gone/is going through this pain:
It’s truly not okay. But still, leave it right there. Build back and fight for your real needs. They simply don’t deserve even a piece of you as your best days are so near. So it’s okay. Move on, but go on. ❤

© Yashica Priya

Take Care of Yourself, Dear Women

Best ways for Women to take care of themselves.

Women, after a certain period of time, become physically weak as they undergo various body changes. It is important to take care of oneself with depending on others almost all the time.
Stress, depression, weakness, joint problems, hairfall, and much more are a few reasons.
Here are the simple ways which can serve you with ease at the worst.
One of the main things is, don’t get addicted to medicine or tablets. People today are blindly taking medicine without doctors’ advice and by very easily getting it from pharmacy. Please don’t do that at all. If you have a headache/stomach ache, take few home remedies that you already knew. Consuming medicine for every simple thing will cage you in a comfort zone, and by keep on doing that, your body wouldn’t allow the automatic healing process as well in the later stages of life. Because, the hormonal changes in a woman’s body play a major role at different ages. The medicine they took at their 30s wouldn’t work at their 40s. Everything depends.
The best way is to have a proper diet, by taking more vegetables and fruits. Eat vegetables that are rich in iron and fiber.
Get enough sleep. Be stress-free. I know it is hard in today’s routine, but be sure to put health before anyone or anything. Also talk to the men in your house to give you the peace and health you deserve. Because more than anything, it requires a man’s stability to take care of a woman forever.

Have a great day all. ❤️

© Yashica Priya

Stop Eating Junk Foods


This is an awareness message to all those who consume food in restaurants/fast foods more often. Writing this after reading few articles.

Restaurants foods, especially fast foods, consume more of ajinomoto (monosodium glutamate(MSG), and it is a type of sodium salt that has been linked to various adverse reactions) and food colour that makes the food looks crazily attractive. There are lots of side effect that your body will face in the near future. Consumption of ajinomoto damages brain and causes numbness, drowsiness, and weakness. It affects nerves (nerves are affected with repeated consumption of MSG).
Few studies have proved that it causes cancer soon at the age of 30.

I do not know how many of you knew this, but KFC does not provide food for pregnant woman customers because right there they accept the fact that they add ajinomoto. I have heard that and saw this happening. KFC strictly avoid giving their products to pregnant females.

There is no food without ajinomoto in chinese foods. How can a plain fried rice with few vegetables gives more flavour or taste? If you touch the red food colour, the colour remains on hand for at least 2 hours even after washing hand. What if it goes inside your body? For the fact, FOOD COLOURS ARE MADE FROM PETROLEUM. They lead to tumour growth. Pizza and burger are trending today. The bun or the crust is made of maida (maida is made out of waste). Too much of those will cause problems in intestine. Maida is a sticky substance. You crunch a lot and still feel hard to swallow. It takes more time to digest and that is the reason why we do not feel hungry straight 3 hours after eating that.
For women, too much of junk affects so deeply. First of all, the menstrual cycle becomes irregular. This irregularity is the main cause of no pregnancy. For men, it also is the reason in some way.
We are enjoying those foods now, but it is a mere suffering later.
Thanks for reading. : )

© Yashica Priya