‘Coz I wanted to talk on this!

So. This was one post I came across recently.
The first lame question on it is, “Still you think Girls are weak?”
Dear girls,
First of all, nobody call us weak. There are most of the men who admire women, their hardships, their sacrifices, and their responsibilities. No part in your body is weak except your mind that enables you to question again and again “Do you call us weak? Are we just this and are we just that?” and so many as such. Please! You’re strong and everyone knows it. Stop expecting anyone to describe your strength. Talk about it with pride instead of questioning your own capability. Chill. You’re stronger than men. Not weak at all. Cool.

Well, the content of the post is just a part. The major part in the screenshot is the comment. It seems women are “bragging” over their periods and pregnancy.
How firm and talented!
Hold on.
@Varsha Kadam.
I understand that these are the common pain that woman has to undergo as she’s left with no choice. Describing about these pains are not “bragging”, as you say. Life of a girl changes very frequently. It is not that easy. “We have it because we’re built like that and definitely not an achievement.” True. Maybe it’s called “bragging” to your sixth sense. But I call it a sense of “gratification” and “fulfilment”. You have the difference here. If men could “brag” about their first Goa trip, their first own car, their first booze with friends, their first onsite offer, I think women “bragging” just about their periods and pregnancy is no big deal. It is not a fuss. It is basic.
Men change cities for job but they don’t change families. They don’t have to bend to rules from a random family.
Not a sharp point from you, girl. It’s a tight slap you’ve given for yourself.
It is so sick to see women downgrading other women. Shame! No need to support. But at least shut up.

© Yashica Priya

14 thoughts on “‘Coz I wanted to talk on this!

  1. Very True , I Think The Uniqueness Of Womanhood Is Being Compromised In The Name Of Equality & Feminism. For Instance Every Single Girl In Metropolitan Cities Today Either Want Or Wear Plants. What Kind Of Equality Is That ? Because No Man Is Going To Wear Sarees . Why You Want To Become Man? Do You Think Men are Superior. So This Whole Concept Is Nothing But an Collective Hysteria of Inferiority Complex. Instead Of It We Should Prefer Equity.

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  2. Hey Yashika! I’m Simon. A wonderful post. Women are stronger than men imagine, men never going to feel how a labour pain is. never. Trust me! Varsha Kadam needs a serious counselling 😉. Obvious this post does no good to women. But a pain is still a pain isn’t it? We never had to go through all this entire life and never going to carry a baby for 9 months. Why women? And if they do, Let them be proud of it what is wrong with that? Where is the fuss here ? Good Reply Yashika 👏✨✍️

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  3. See, I have always seen that the biggest enemy or critic of a woman is always a woman.. they can’t understand by doing so, they are just spitting on their own faces…I loved your post and I support each n every word of it. We are strong and everyone knows it.

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  4. Women are different from men and they endure a great deal more. It is definitely not easy for them to grow up in a house for 25 years or so and then suddenly adjust to another house and new people, which may be so different from what she is used it. Periods, marriage, child birth, job she balances all of them. She definitely has the right to talk about it. It cannot be termed as bragging.

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