Let Them Go

Let them go.
If they walk away from you, let them walk.
Don’t stop them.
Let them go.
If they wanted you, they would have stayed.
If you loved them and if they hate you, let them go.
If they are meant to be with you, there is no doubt they would’ve continued to be with you.
Observe the way they walk away from you. Observe the reasons they walk away from you. Don’t stop them walking. Let them walk.
Nothing is an accident and nothing just happens.
If they don’t need you, it means they don’t need you. Believe that.
If they don’t like you, it means they don’t like you. Believe that too.
Goodbye is a gift, not everyone gets that.
Your destiny is not tied to the person who left you hanging.
They were here to tell you something.
Cry, it is fine.
But too much of unhappiness gives you guilt.
When people leave, it is not always your mistake.
Who wins, when you move on?
Who wins, if you start living again?
Who wins, when you stop sobbing over?
Who wins, when you leave the past behind?
One day, it is going to be over.
Your fear, your anxiety, your anger, your misery. It will be over.
Blame them for what they have done, but bless them for making you a stronger person.
Thank them for showing what you don’t need.
Know that, if they understood better, they would have done better.
Know that, you don’t have to spend time on something that’s taking all your energy.
You can never be happy if you wish bad for others.
I assure that you can never live in peace by spoiling other’s comfort.
Put your happy seeds now, so that it grows well and someday gives you the best shadow of good life.
That is the gift you give for yourself in the future.
From today, create moments for yourself.

© Yashica Priya

18 thoughts on “Let Them Go

  1. Your most of the posts are about healing,leafing life with and falling I love with broken individual or struggling people,or how to cope up stress when someone leave you..can I say that it’s all part of you..maybe majority part

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    1. I think it’s common in everyone’s life; a part of life. Whatever I write aren’t for myself but also for others. It’s quite common now; people are so broken inside. In short, self-concern and a heal for people here or somewhere too!


      1. Yeah…but writing is also healing…so we can write about wounds to heal from them..so I thought that you have broken past..it’s clearly visible..and you are an empath..you value every emotion,every feeling..you see it in microscope..you embrace it..like mother who hugs her baby to heart…it’s not common in everyone’s life..people have different problems..but broken hearts and broken relationships..only concerned with few people mostly sensitive people who value others and trust them a lot

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      2. Why are you being anonymous ??? Like its not possible to interact with you other than in WP…you seem like matured and interesting girl…but how to speak to star like you who is hiding behind clouds of words????

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  2. Letting go,the way we pronounce the word it feels like the drizzles of rain falling on the windowpane slowly.But it is a human apparel to romanticize our hurt.But you’ve pointed out a versimilitude that our ache will bleed out scarlet from our veins,but we are phoneix that will ascend after every decline, again and again.

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