Eiffel Tower, She the Beauty πŸ’Œ

The highway in the close of day sounded much.

The euphoria of beaming physiognomy added pleasure in bunch.

Taking a walk to the Eiffel Tower,

she checked out to be stunning.

Among the darkest side of the world,

she stood high above all, covering the views in glaze.

With ravishing dazzle and brilliant lustre,

she was grabbing the emotions of million hearts.

As a woodland catching flames of fires,

she dressed up in yellow and multiple lights at the nightfall.

Posing the same way her entire life,

nobody had the lack of concern looking at it.

The firecrackers blasting above her,

she stands like a King without fear.

She is definitely not an abstract,

but absolutely the real smasher.

Β© Yashica Priya

19 thoughts on “Eiffel Tower, She the Beauty πŸ’Œ

  1. Can I ask you one question?? You are not replying my comments ..is it because there is some glitch here…or it’s just you are busy..if you tell I can change my settings or contact helpdesk


    1. I’m sorry I didn’t know that! I for sure reply to comments whichever I get. To my knowledge, I’ve till date replied to everything I guess. But maybe there’s a problem, because when I comment on some other articles, my comments are not being posted. Anyway, I’ll check with my mails/helpdesk.

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