Gender Equality

Heading on to verbalize today’s reality, the first thing that bangs on head is the concern about Feminism.
It is hugely believed that women have equal integrity and principles as of men, which is faithfully not. There are some significant rights that a woman has to possess.

Speaking directly forward, women do not even own reproductive rights, in few culture. When you go deep inside about people who have superstitious beliefs, it is clearly witnessed that she has no rights over birth control.
When you call feminism as a goal of gender equality, why isn’t a girl being treated that way? Why is it men’s power everywhere? Does “gender” make the only difference? Why is a woman pointed for everything?

If they say that a female is raped for the way she dresses, what makes a guy rape a 2-year-old girl child?
If a well-shaped structure attracts him, what did he find in a 82-year-old lady? Where did the conception of dressing go here? When a man cannot step-down after seeing a woman suffering in an illegal way because of him, he is not human. Humanity lacks everywhere, and so justice.

Even though if they say that women have enough freedom, it is still clueless what they actually mean when she is not let out alone at night or when she cannot travel abroad to accomplish her dream.
If you cannot watch a woman win, at least do not backstab her from behind. Everytime when she is losing her will to succeed, the backbone of the cultural and economic organization is being ruined.
When the society of men wants women to dress properly, it is the same society of women who wishes men to behave decently.

When you really address about women’s lib or have a desire to influence over feminism, be a feminist first.
Without feminism, women empowerment is altogether impossible. If men cannot support this, at least let them not be male chauvinist.
Think. Support. Be human.

Β© Yashica Priya

10 thoughts on “Gender Equality

  1. Very well said, I so understand. Perhaps I am a lucky man for I grew up with three older sisters. I live because my Mother carried me from a seed in her body to birth. Even then I have made mistakes and failed relationships with woman, when younger I was so trying to be a man. Now, I am so trying to be a person. It is when men do not speak out to other men, makes us cowards, deprives the possibility of honour, as a person. It is my belief that the world will only improve when the old male ways finally give way to equality, respect and mutual understanding.

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    1. That’s a very thoughtful opinion from you, Gary! And yes, you’re way too lucky to had grown up this way. Thanks very much, for understanding the key importance of being a feminist, in a pretty good way. Love and Peace. ❀️

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      1. Thankyou for your generous reply. May I say, that before a man may become part of the solution, he must first understand he is the problem. Peace and love to you and yours.

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