Games are Addiction

If you’re an addict of PC/Android games, try to reduce it as much as possible and as soon as possible. Focusing so much on such is a total disaster that causes low attention to the happenings around you. Games like that are actually blindfolds that don’t let you help you take your real life seriously. You will lack concentration and your memory power becomes really less in days time. And the clarity of your vision gets extremely lower. It’s been recently proven! Please take care and do the needful for your own wellbeing.

Β© Yashica Priya


17 thoughts on “Games are Addiction

  1. Hey Priya,

    Really appreciate your post as the real addicts are never aware of the fact that they have become an addict. Moreover, the denial mode is always on for them. I am an avid gamer myself but I have always maintained it in moderation. I use it as a stress buster and to sharpen my skills of coordination and strategy.

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