I’m Happy with What I Do Today

People usually ask me, “Why don’t you make money through blogging?”.
Frankly speaking, I had no such intentions when I first started writing. I initiated this blog just to improve my language skill. But now, I started focusing on writing more about being positive and how good it is to take life without ego and hatred. Because there are, in today’s world, so many distractions, evil energies, broken hearts, failed relationships, split-apart families and friends. When I write today, I get a lot of feedback like I make few people better with my words. Wisdom comes with experience and life lessons, and hence I believe there are little chances that would make lives better with my articles. Because, not everything can be shared with everybody, and few souls that are longing to cure from personal heartbreaks would feel much much better by reading those words written by unknown people. I’m happily doing that right now. Thanks a ton for all the support. Love and Peace to you all ❤

© Yashica Priya


23 thoughts on “I’m Happy with What I Do Today

  1. So many truths here, along with nuggets of wisdom – refreshing to not have to ‘buy you a coffee’ or whatever to ‘support you/your work’ hahaha. Seriously though, I enjoy your posts, and may you continue to be inspired and inspirational. 😉

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  2. Money can always be made..that aside, there are some things that should be done passionately. And it does seem that blogging (to you) is one of the them. Me too… I can never think of monetizing my blog, it will just not be the same. You’re doing great Yashica, go well.
    Have a wonderful day ahead

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  3. This is exactly why I started the blog…initially to improve my English and writing skills..them it became personal..secret share few things on social media because of negativity..in blog it’s beautiful to share our life with valuable souls

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