Break Down Your Comfort Zone

Even though you have many directions to divert your mind to make yourself feel comfortable, the idea of comfort zone is the first factor to ruin your creative knowledge. The level of thinking stops when you get engaged where you feel well comforted. I agree that it is a satisfying place to be, and you tend to be relaxed in a much more good way. Say for instance, in a toughest situation one particular song or an activity gives you really good peace. So you get comforted there, and very slowly you get habituated to it. Now, you have chosen your own option of comfort, which is really hard to come out of. Taking into account your job/workplace, few circumstances wouldn’t be okay to sit and work. You might feel annoyed with people or surroundings. But still if you accept all that and manage to proceed with the inconvenience, it doesn’t mean that you’re flexible enough to adapt to the circumstances. It means you’re getting used to a place that is not meant for you. It is just like accepting the annoyance. In such cases, you must deal to search for something better instead of accommodating into the boring environment. Because “getting used” to a bad atmosphere is dangerous since it transforms you into a person you’re not.

How to change this psychological state?

  • Do things which you’ve never done before, in a dissimilar way.
  • Keep track on your everyday activities.
  • Change your view on what you think as reality. (Sometimes what you believe as real is just an illusion).
  • Make time for yourself and decide what even more you are capable of exploring.
  • Observe what you gained from new projects, especially the negatives, because it helps to make you perform better.
  • Execute everything in a slow manner.
  • Have adequate purposes and trust your work.
  • Don’t overreact to anything, particularly to failures. Instead, identify your fears and interact with yourself.
  • Keep stretching your boundaries, as aims have no end.

After carrying out these actions, you’ll be surprised to see that you have enormous mental ability, and would realize that you attempted something you never knew you could. Understand the difference that these are not another way of comfort zone but are one of your habits or activities.

© Yashica Priya


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